2019 Staff Members

  • Calli Ayre
  • Hailey McMullin
  • Justin Glaittli
  • Whitney Pickering
  • Whitney Pickering
  • Kenneth Paskett
  • Kory Fluckiger
  • Leslie Coppin
  • Mike Hanks
  • Tami Harris
  • Rigo Perez
  • Hannah Davis
  • Nate Bagley
  • Caleb Shelton
  • Jackie Arellano
  • Laila Batar
  • Gnoulelein Tako
  • Natalie King
  • Olivia Stephens
  • Sofia Negrete
  • Natalie Day

Who are the staff of LDC?

All LDC staff members are volunteers. By the first day of LDC, the staff have already put in hundreds of hours training, practicing, and otherwise preparing to give delegates the best possible camp experience.

LDC has two types of staff members – adult staff and youth staff. Youth staff are all Red Cross volunteers and former LDC delegates who want to pay forward the life-changing experiences they had as delegates at LDC.

Adult staff are all 21+ years old from all walks of life and take their own vacation time from work and their busy life to dedicate to running LDC.