Emalee Egelund

“I love showing people that passion and community work never loses relevancy.”

Emalee Egelund’s volunteering focuses on promoting success for afflicted and underrepresented persons. She was a co-president for the Greater Salt Lake Area American Red Cross Youth Services, where she coordinated a blood drive during a critical shortage period, saving hundreds of lives. She is also a member of the Red Cross Disaster Action Team, where she is an on-call volunteer providing relief to families during times of disaster, such as a fire. She is also a Midvale Youth Ambassador, where she interacts with a diverse group of youth who feel inadequate. In this role, she works with the youth in her city, helping them understand that success is relative and everyone can live a fulfilling life. Emalee also spends her time as a Young Democratic Society President, as well as a social and political activist for the Black Lives Matter movement.

The groups she has been a part of and the volunteering she conducts has enabled her to give a TedX Talk, and spread the causes of many organizations. She has been able to get more youth and adults involved in services that they care about.

When Emalee was younger, many of these issues she works for impacted her negatively. She has always wanted to alleviate suffering through medical means, and plans to go to school to become a doctor. She believes everyone deserves an equal chance at obtaining their goals, and has learned from her services that inadequate medical knowledge is what hinders a lot of individuals. Working on a bureaucratic and neutral field has helped her immerse herself in the needs of others.

Emalee has recently been accepted into the Honors College at the University of Utah. She is excited for the classes offered in this group, as it correlates with her future career desires.