Isabelle Raza

Isabelle Raza logged 104 hours in Red Cross Volunteer Connection with an additional 10 hours with other community non-profits in 2019. Isabelle has been accepted to attend Lynn University. The following questions and responses are part of Isabelle’s the scholarship application.

Describe the service activities you have participated in during the last calendar year. Include all types of service and volunteer work done (Red Cross, community, school, home, etc.).

I diligently serve The Red Cross through Youth Services, blood donation, Youth Services leadership committee, the board of directors, and the donor ambassador position. I also serve my community, especially the local junior high school. As a violinist in my School Orchestra I encourage the younger generation to pick up musical instruments and keep music alive in schools where the arts are dwindling. I also serve through my church organizations. One of my callings is very near and dear to my heart, it is called SNAP (Special Needs Activity Program) and I go every Thursday. As youth we are called into the position and every week, we get to go to accompany Special Needs friends and help them as they socialize and do different activities each week. We never let them be alone so that they never feel left out.

Explain how your volunteer service has made a difference in your school, community, family, etc. Please be specific and use examples of how your service has made an impact:

I know that my service in the Red Cross makes an impact on my community. I stand as an example to other kids my age as well as younger kids. I am proof that teenagers are not always as bad as the stigma that is associated with them. I know that my involvement in the Red Cross shows that the organization is not just about blood and that people of all ages can help their communities. I know that what I do is important, and every small aspect helps. For example, I know that my open and positive attitude when checking donors at Blood Services for their blood donation will make it more likely that they will donate again and in turn, help even more patients who need the blood.

What issue(s) does your service address and why did you choose to get involved in this type of service?

I chose to get involved in the Red Cross because I believe in their mission to relieve human suffering and have compassion. Most of the society lives in poverty, without essential needs, and with sickness. I love that The Red Cross is more than just blood and that they are the first to help those who are in need all around the world. They help the sick by supplying lifesaving blood and blood components like platelets. They install fire alarms to prevent tragic deaths by home fires. They respond to disasters all over the world and comfort families who may have just lost everything in any way they can. I joined the Red Cross so that I could be a part of something bigger than myself and to help those in need.

Describe the service activity that best demonstrates your leadership skills:

My leadership skills are at their highest point when I am working with my co-chair for Service to the Armed forces. We must work together and it is never just one of us making all the decisions. I have grown the most in this position because it pushes me out of my comfort zone. It pushes me to start the conversations and to speak in front of a room full of kids my age.

How will this scholarship help you fund your education and help attain your post-high school educational and career goals? Please explain what those goals are:

My goal is to become a nurse. I want to become a nurse before working toward my ultimate goal, which is to be a midwife. I was born at home and so were all my sisters. I am a strong supporter for home births just because I think that childbirth is such an incredible intimate thing for mothers and families. I want to help bring lives into the world and keep expecting mothers and their babies as healthy as possible. I want to be with them for the entire journey, not just the final few hours. The reality is that college is extremely expensive. I hope to get as many scholarships as I can while I’m going through nursing school so that once I am a nurse I can get a job that will help me pay for the schooling and training I will need to become a midwife.