Jalen Rasmussen

Jalen Rasmussen is currently in his freshman year at Grand Canyon University studying Marketing and Advertising. He has always had a love for business and the impact that businesses have on the community around them. On his scholarship application he wrote, “If I can be continually independent, able to provide for myself, and in a healthy position in my life, I should always take initiative to help others to lift them up and give them the necessary push forward they may need. I also think businesses should act accordingly and should maintain prominent levels of social responsibility. In working for a business and doing marketing activities, I want my focus to be on community outreach and development. Businesses often have the resources and recognition necessary to execute bigger projects and reach larger groups of people. In receiving this scholarship, I would be able to put the money directly into my educational costs in getting my degree. It would help limit the amount of money that I owe my institution and the overall amount I would need to take out in loans. This scholarship would help me continue down my path of getting my degree, graduation, and working for a business I can stand with to have them be the face of my service in the future.” Jalen has participated in a variety of service activities including LDC Student Staff Member and Co-Chair of Service to Armed Forces for the American Red Cross, as well as serving on Hillcrest’s Peer Leadership Team. Through his service experience Jalen has learned “how to truly love myself, accept myself, and do the same for those I interact with. This increased my relationships with my family, my community, my school, and everyone else I encounter.”