Jean Kim

“People are drawn to enthusiasm. I have found that my excitement for service has drawn people toward the causes that I support.”

Jean’s passion for service started when she was a delegate at the 2012 American Red Cross Leadership Development Camp. Prior to attending LDC, she never thought of herself as a leader nor saw herself as an agent for change. After attending LDC, Jean’s personality and attitude drastically changed in her senior year of high school. She began her heavy involvement in the Red Cross high school clubs, and has now continued with her efforts in her undergraduate studies. She feels happiest when she can be a resource for others in need. Whether it is high school students, fellow undergraduates, or veterans who have served this country, she seeks to be an agent for positive change.

During high school, Jean served as the Youth Co-Chair for International Humanitarian Law (IHL), teaching IHL to fellow peers and advocating for Red Cross services at the high school club she created. Her involvement in this area furthered her interest in services for refugees, and she became the Co-Chair for the International Services Board in the Utah Region. She also organized volunteers for Breakthru FC, a community-based refugee youth soccer team and tournament. Additionally, she completed client casework for the Restoring Family Links program.

Now in college at the University of Utah, Jean helps with annual Big Brothers Big Sisters food and clothing drives, and volunteers with the VA Fisher House and hospital regularly. She has become passionate about emphasizing the importance of higher education to high school students, gives time to students in Salt Lake School District and Incheon International High School through mentoring on university life, academic research writing skills, and preparing for college by guiding them on application and scholarship processes. She has recruited friends to join her in mentoring high school students from South Korea in the summers and initiating a cross cultural exchange that benefits both parties. She also visits many Salt Lake and St. George high schools to talk about her university experience in hopes to inspire other first generation and low income students to attend college, which has increased college applications from those schools.

After completing her bachelor’s degrees in Sociology and International Studies from the U, Jean plans to receive a Master’s in Public Administration. She would like to create change on a macro level, pursuing policy analysis as an emphasis.