Lydia Day

Lydia Day has volunteered over 340 hours with the American Red Cross while serving in various youth volunteer positions. Co-President of the Provo Youth Services, Lydia was instrumental in leading the efforts to raise money to help eradicate measles, which is still the leading cause of death among young children globally. She helped raise $2,000 dollars to buy vaccines for people in Africa, saving 1,333 lives! She has also participated in Red Cross Youth Services as the International Services Chair and on the Leadership Development Camp student staff. This year she founded the American Red Cross Club at her high school to offer students more opportunities to contribute to the community.

In addition to her Red Cross service, Lydia has given her time to assist other non-profit organizations in her community. Lydia has a major concern about the plight of the approximately 1 in 5 Americans over 13 years old who suffer from mental illness. As the Utah HOSA Service Vice President, Lydia helped plan and promote the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) Walk in Salt Lake City. In addition, Lydia has found time to visit high schools around Utah and plan activities to “pop” the stigma surrounding mental illness. She also served on PACK (Pride Action Culture Kinship) to cultivate an accepting atmosphere at her school by offering tutoring services, fundraising money for students in need, and hosting midnight sports tournaments. She served as the National Honor Society publicity officer, leading the largest club at our school.

Lydia not only has excelled in her volunteerism. On top of the incredible service Lydia has performed, she will graduate from high school with a cumulative GPA of 4.0! Lydia has been selected to attend the University of Utah Honors School and eventually wants to become a surgeon.