Our vision: “Inspire LDC Alumni to achieve their educational goals and become lifetime service leaders”

Our mission: “We provide scholarships to LDC alumni dedicated to service in their communities.”

The Skip Morgan LDC Scholarship Fund was born out of the love and concern for the youth delegates of the Utah Red Cross Utah Leadership Development Camp that is put on every year. It is funded exclusively by donations from the community and goes towards creating educational opportunities for service-oriented youth.

The Skip Morgan LDC Scholarship Fund is not affiliated with the American Red Cross. However, recipients of the scholarship will have to fulfill certain requirements which will include: attending the American Red Cross, Utah Region High School Leadership Development Camp, become actively involved in one of the 3 American Red Cross Utah Chapter's Youth Services program, and other requirements to be determined.

The Skip Morgan LDC Scholarship Fund, Inc. founded on May 18, 2015 is a 501(c)3 licensed foundation.