Our Board

Each member of the board is dedicated to making the Skip Morgan LDC Scholarship Fund amazing. While they come from a wide range of professional backgrounds and experiences, they all share a dedication to the success and improved leadership abilities of all LDC delegates, past, present, and future.

Our Board

Leslie Darcas - President

Leslie Darcas has been involved with the Leadership Development Camp since 2010.  She is amazed by how much she learns each year at camp, especially from the delegates. Being involved with LDC has become a way of life for her and the staff members have become a part of her family.  


Leslie has a degree in Chemical Engineering from Florida A&M University and is currently working as an engineer for an aerospace company.  When she’s not building rockets or doing something camp related, she enjoys singing, playing piano or guitar, and being a dog mom to Annie.

Chamy Halliday - Events/Fundraising

Chamy attended LDC as a student in 2012. She volunteered in Youth Services as well as Disaster Relief for the American Red Cross. She was greatly impacted by what she learned from LDC and Skip Morgan. She still strives to incorporate the leadership skills she learned ten years ago.
Chamy is currently a 2nd grade teacher. She has a Bachelors in Elementary Education and a Masters in Indigenous Education. She obtained both of these degrees through scholarships, because of this, she has a strong belief in and passion for scholarships and the accessibility to them. 

Justin Glaittli - Secretary/Treasurer

Justin attended LDC as a student in 2012 and has since served as an LDC Staff Member as well as Red Cross Youth Coordinator. In addition to volunteering for LDC and the Red Cross, he volunteers for the neurological rehabilitation unit at Intermountain Medical Center. Born and raised in Utah, Justin is passionate about developing the leaders of tomorrow and wants to make education accessible to as many youth as possible.
Leveraging his background in accounting and finance, Justin is currently serving as the Secretary/Treasurer for the LDC Scholarship. Professionally, he works for the financial software company Carta as the Director of Support, managing an international team of equity analysts. 

Javis Darcas - Communications

Javis started serving with LDC on staff in 2022, the first year back in person after COVID.  He was born and raised in Utah and enjoys hiking, camping, mountain biking, kayaking, and working on cars. For work he can be found fixing peoples computer issues.


Javis and his beautiful wife reside in Clearfield and they enjoy traveling together and being dog parents to Annie. 

Skip Morgan - Fundraising