Skip Morgan LDC Scholarship Fund

Skip Morgan is a man who helps everyone around him. From his career in banking to his lifetime of service with the American Red Cross, his leadership style has both blessed and taught countless people.

Skip has not lead an easy life. His first wife Korry died of breast cancer, leaving him a single father of four for several years. Shortly after remarrying to his sweet Jennifer, he was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. Skip has also endured many other personal trials, yet despite these extreme situations, he has always remained a teacher, mentor, friend, and positive role model for thousands of people around him.

He has dedicated much of his life to developing the curriculum for the Red Cross Leadership Development Camp that the Utah Region now uses and finds so moving and impactful for youth. For this reason, we have dedicated the name and honor of this scholarship fund to his name so for years to come he can continue to bless others around him.