Who is Skip Morgan?

Skip Morgan is someone that helps everyone around him. From his career in banking to his lifetime service with the American Red Cross, his leadership style has either blessed or taught countless people.

Skip started his volunteer work with the Red Cross during the summer between his junior and senior year in high school. The Red Cross was looking for volunteers to help run the Orange County Special Olympics. His assignment was to be a “greeter” at the finish line for the different races. Skips life was completely changed after the very first race when the runner in his lane finished dead last, yet showed the pure joy and enthusiasm of a world class athlete. That reaction changed Skips life forever, he knew there was so much more he could do to bring joy to the life of others.

Skip continued his volunteer work with the Red Cross. During his 50+ years he has helped to start up 2 VERY SUCCESSFUL High School Leadership Development Camp one in Orange County which is still held annually and then the camp here in Utah. Of most importance to Skip when recruiting high school students was the need for as much diversity within the 80 delegates that have attended each year in Utah. Skips felt strongly that the most important aspect of the camp was to help every delegate to get “out of their comfort zone.” 

Skip has not had an easy life. Five years after the loss of his wife Korry back in 1993, Skip was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. Because of his disease he was forced into an early retirement, which in Skips mind meant more opportunities to give back to his community. Skip became a volunteer instructor for the Red Cross Health and Safety by teaching over 10,000 participants in Utah CPR & First Aid over the 10 years after his diagnosis. Due to the longevity of his volunteer work Skip was recognized by the Utah Chapter of the American Red Cross with the “Lifetime Achievement” award in 2009. 

To this day Skip feels his greatest volunteer accomplishment has been meeting and training 20 of the most remarkable ALL VOLUNTEER staff each year to facilitate and carry out the task of helping to change lives of every delegate like never before. Because of his dedication over most of his life to developing the curriculum for the Red Cross Leadership Development Camp that the Utah Region now uses and finds so moving and impactful for youth. For this reason, we have dedicated the name and honor of this scholarship fund to his name so for years to come he can continue to bless others around him.