Karime Garcia

Karime Garcia describes herself in her application as a “Latina teenager and first generation, college-bound student. My culture is who and what I am. I am from the soil of beautiful Mexico; a country as dangerous as it is stunning. Education has always been so valuable to me. Going to college has always been a plan of mine. My parents have always told me they would do anything to make it happen and they work night and day just to give my siblings and I everything. I don’t want my parents to worry about paying for my education because they have already sacrificed so much for me and I plan on paying for college for scholarships…I have worked hard my entire life for this chance and now, I am at the doorstep of the next chapter in my life story.”

Karime has a never-ending passion for volunteer work, non-profit organizations, and generosity. When asked what issue(s) does your volunteer service address, her response tells you everything you need to know about the type of person she is. She wrote “Overall I think they address the importance of education in a way. Educating yourself about social topics, leadership skills, the Red Cross, the Ronald McDonald House, my school’s Key Club, social skills, and the problems in your community. I decided to get involved in these different volunteer opportunities because I wanted to help others as much as I could but part of it was selfish because I wanted to feel good; I wanted to know that I was doing something for others and not just for myself and feel good about it. Though as I continued to work with these organizations, I came to realize the bigger impact of not just my work but what these organizations do and the changes they are making.”