Elizabeth Izampuye

“There is an assumption that local voluntary service, especially by youth, does not have any long-lasting or impactful effect on those helped. When I serve, I strive to quench that generalization.”

As a volunteer for many organizations, Elizabeth Izampuye has gotten to know people with different life experiences than herself, and has tried to spread her positivity to each of those people. She helped set up events during meets for the Central City Cheetahs Track and Field Camp, and was able to train young children in her community that they can run as fast they want. She provides the same enthusiasm to the elementary students she trains for Girls on the Run, a 5k. As a volunteer at the Veterans Affairs Hospital, Elizabeth listens to veterans tell their past stories and their present life, as she transports them on wheelchairs. She worked as a Red Cross International Humanitarian Law (IHL) committee member, in which she worked with a group to plan ways to get her community exposed to war crimes towards ordinary and innocent citizens (specifically females) during war. She also served as a Red Cross Co-president for Youth Services, and currently serves as a Red Cross Board Member.

In the services she performs, Elizabeth feels that it shows those she helps, and herself, that performing seemingly minor tasks has a great impact in the end, and that every little positive action, idea, or word towards someone counts as a step in improving their lives. She has strong desire to help as many people as she can in her life, and she loves that she can start with her local community. Because of this desire, organizations such as the Red Cross and the Veterans Affairs Hospital has stemmed her interest and allowed her to achieve her desire.

Elizabeth has been accepted to the University of Utah Honors College. She is excited to explore even more distinct parts of her community and reach out to even more groups of people who need guidance, such as refugees and the homeless. Lizzie plans to major in Global and/or Public Health so that she can learn about the physiological and social aspects of the environment.