Lauren Cecchini

Lauren has been heavily involved in the Salt Lake Chapter Youth Services program, having spent much of her time as a co‐chair for the Service to the Armed Forces Committee. As one of the co‐chairs, she coordinated events with the VA nursing home to spend time with veterans, play games, and listen to the many stories they love to tell. On top of that, she also volunteered as student staff at Leadership Development Camp. As a student staff, she learned a bit more about her own leadership style, discovering that she enjoys encouraging and guiding others to become volunteers and leaders in their communities.

After LDC, Lauren began volunteering as a Midvale City Youth Ambassador with the goal to get the youth of Midvale more involved in community work. This gave her to opportunity to attend city council meetings, parades throughout the valley, meetings with the mayor, and countless get-togethers with community members.  Through both the Midvale City Youth Ambassador program and the Red Cross Youth Services program, Lauren has been able to bring many youth into the world of volunteer work and leadership. One of her favorite success stories came by introducing a friend to LDC and watching him flourish as a result of the camp’s curriculum. In her words: “I’ve done over 300 hours of volunteer work and nothing feels as valuable as hearing that he had gotten something truly amazing out of LDC.”

From her time in volunteer work and leadership, Lauren has discovered her passion for working with people. Currently, she plans to study psychology and social entrepreneurship with the goal of starting a business that combines her passions and areas of study.